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Yamaha P255 Digital Piano Review

Review of the Yamaha P255 Digital Piano


Over the years, the brand Yamaha has always made piano models that are new and improved with each design. Yamaha is well-known for producing digital and electronic pianos that sound exactly like concert and baby grand pianos. One of the top picks today is the Yamaha P255 and is preferred for those who rather use digital pianos and for those who travel with their instrument. They are great for use at home or on the stage.


Dimensions: 59.9 x 18.8 x 10.6 inches

Weight: 38 pounds

Keyboard: 88 notes

Type keyboard: Graded Hammer (GH) Keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Key tops

Touch Sensitive: 4 Levels (Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed)

Weighted Keys: Fully Weighted

Piano Sound: Pure CF Sound Engine

Number of Pedals: 1

Number of Preset Voices: 24 (Grand Piano: 4, E.Piano: 4, Organ: 4, CLV/VIB: 4, Others: 8 )

Number of Preset Songs: 24 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Piano Preset Songs

Polyphony: 256- note

Amplifiers: 15×2 watts

Speakers :( 10cm + 2.5cm) x 2

Warranty: 3-year on Parts and Labor


This piano was designed with portability in mind. It is light weight at only 38 pounds making it a snap to transport anywhere you need to take it. This model has improved features from the original and comes in black or white. The finish is shiny and sleek looking making it the perfect addition to any space.


Keyboard: The keyboard is complete with 88 keys that have weighted action notes. They synthetic ivory keys are supported by a graded hammer action that let the piano respond just like a grand piano. It is very authentic. The keys are excellent as far as grip goes so there is no worry about slipping.

Sound: Sound is a key factor when choosing a digital piano. This model has excellent sound quality. There is a boost button that allows you to amplify the sound just by flipping a simple switch. The original model had 128 notes, but this one has 256 notes allowing players to do much more than before.

Pedals: This model comes with a pedal unit that is fully customizable.

Amps and Speakers: The circular speakers that come with this model produce patterns of vibrations in a very natural way, and in turn this produces sounds that are well-balanced. The notes are very rich sounding compared to many other digital pianos on the market. There are also tweeters built in that allows higher notes to be played – notes that sound brighter and larger. And finally, there are the two 15 watt amps that give out a very powerful sound.

Extra Features

Voices: The voice feature allows the player to produce a sound that mimics an actual concert with a grand piano. There are three samples; key samples, string resonance and sustain.

Slider: There is an EQ slider that has three frequencies that include high, medium and low and the sound is adjusted easily for the perfect pitch. With the slider you can make bright and crisp tones that are shimmering in nature.

Rhythm Tracks: The P255 has 10 rhythm tracks including pop, jazz, nova and bossa.

Pros and Cons

The pros are as follows:

  • Two excellent built in speakers
  • External amp
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Pure CF sound
  • High quality voices

The only con on review lists is the fact that this model is a pit expensive but it is also said that the additions that make this model better than others is typically worth the extra money paid for it.


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